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We repair and clean bags, add zips, mend stitching and can completely change the colour of your bag if required.

Our Handbag Clinic therapists are trained to the highest standards and are on hand to give a personalised approach, helping you decide on the most suitable treatment for your handbag.

Our services provides your bag with bespoke and special packages, whether it be a deep cleansing scrub, age defying protection, an intense replenishment package or a full customised rejuvenation treatment, you can be sure that our handbag therapists will achieve dramatic results.

Our handbag Clinic also offers a exclusive service providing worldwide Stain Cover for any bag.

Our revolutionary service provides you with peace of mind knowing that should something terrible happen to your bag our expert team are here to take care of it.

Once we receive your bag we begin the spa treatment by removing any stains using a range of safe and effective products. We will then protect against future staining using industry leading stain protection creams before carefully returning your bag to you safe and sound, giving you that ‘new bag feeling’ all over again.

Our cover offers you confidence throughout the year on leather, fabric, suede, nubuck, and exotic ítems: cocodrile, snake, elefant,



Like us, sometimes our bags need to escape life’s stresses and strains. Our handbag clinic offer indulging treatments to suit whatever your bag needs!

  • Your bag will get fully cleaned inside and outside, and it will arrive back to you smelling like new.
  • We will also carry out any necessary colour touch ups, so your bag looks revitalised.
  • Get the Total Rejuvenation. Your bag will get a full clean (inside and outside), we will fix all major damages and give your bag a complete fresh coat of colour.
  • Should your bag need that extra protection, we can use a protection cream which prevents any stains or spills ruining it in the future.

Sometimes bags just need a good scrub! Using specialist products with tried and tested techniques, our handbag therapists clean all materials including leather, fabric, suede, nubuck, and exotic ítems: cocodrile, snake, elefant,… . Cleaning the exterior of a bag removes surface dirt whilst cleaning the interior can get rid of common stains such as make-up and ink.

Bags can get easily damaged, and it can affect their whole image. We repair these areas making tears look invisible or appear like natural scars. Your item will be mended using specialist procedures, keeping your bag looking as original as possible.



  • Worn corners
  • Ripped piping Colour loss Rips, tears & holes
  • Make new linings
  • Re-wax edges
  • Make new handles
  • Replace panels
  • Add pockets, handles, shoulder straps, trimmings



Broken zip is not only impractical but it can ruin the overall appearance of a bag. We repair or replace most zips from our large selection in our workshop, or if we don’t have it stock, we will source it for you. Loose and broken stitching can easily be fixed by hand or machine.



Preparing for the future is something we do with many aspects of our lives.Doing this with handbags through our protection service will prolong their life.We protect the bag to provide a barrier between the material and it’s contact to help repel all oil and water based staining and if it does stain, it can be easily wiped clean. Protecting handbags at least every three months is recommended for optimum results.

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